Chat with a Vet – Parvovirus Part 2 of 2: What to Expect When Your Dog Has Parvo

Chat with a Vet - Parvovirus Part 2 of 2: What to Expect When Your Dog Has Parvo

Chat with a Vet – Parvovirus Part 2 of 2: What to Expect When Your Dog Has Parvo

Dogs diagnosed with Parvo are miserable and their owners devastated. We had a chat with a vet to figure out what to expect when your dog has Parvo and how to prevent it all from happening.

Because it is an incurable disease, options are limited. Having the diagnosis doesn’t mean there aren’t options. Veterinarians will usually sit down with you and have a sobering conversation about your options. You can still treat your sick puppy and help them feel more comfortable.

Dr. Roth, Veterinarian, shares three options for pet owners depending on the condition of the pet when they visit the clinic. They include hospitalization, medication and if all else fails, euthanasia.

Chat with a Vet – Hospitalization

The first option vets offer is hospitalization. This will include giving the dog IV fluids, antibiotics, round-the-clock monitoring, and medications to help with vomiting or diarrhea. Because there is no cure, the sick pet is then put on a very strong medication.

Hospitalization unfortunately is not cheap and if your pet is admitted, which you can expect in a really bad case of Parvo, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars for treatment.

Chat with a Vet – Medication

Because hospitalization is expensive and not everybody can afford it, pet owners can take medicines home to administer to their pet themselves. You’ll be given a bundle of medications to slow down symptoms of vomiting and to help with diarrhea, and IV fluids to keep your dog hydrated.

Dr. Roth likes to call the home method ‘Parvo-to-go’ – a package she recommends to owners that include an injection of antibiotics and other medications to control symptoms and boost your pet’s immune system.

After that it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to give their dog the medication. Pet owners will need to get their pet to eat and hold down food while taking the medications. Price-wise, the medications can run from $400-$500 depending on how sick the pet is.

Chat with a Vet – Euthanasia

If the pet is extremely sick and your veterinarian is not confident that further treatment is in the best interest of the pet, they may recommend euthanasia. It’s a harsh option for pet owners who love their pets, but they have to remember that dogs dying from this disease will die a painful death. Although it is completely preventable, the reality is that it may be fatal.

Many pet owners struggle with the decision to euthanize, and regret not getting their dog vaccinated as a puppy. The fees for euthanasia vary, but generally range $100-$200. If you would like your pet’s ashes, a burial or other memorialization, there will be additional fees.

Chat with a Vet – Vaccination

Vaccinating your puppy properly is very important to avoid this potentially deadly virus. Saving money by not vaccinating your pet will prove more expensive in the long run if they get sick, and may not be enough to save your precious pup. The adage “an ounce of prevention” cannot be more true for your pup and Parvo.