AnytimeVetConnect™ Digital Client Support

AnytimeVetConnect™ was developed exclusively for veterinary practices. With AnytimeVetConnect, you will enhance your service offering for your clients while you maximize operational efficiencies for your practice. Our licensed veterinarians provide answers to your clients’ questions in minutes, via text, and preserve your client relationships. When your patients need an office visit, our vets refer your clients back to you.

AnytimeVet connect provides:

  • Streamlined utilization of your staff and facilities, including complementary support to lighten staff load, as needed
  • Greater, digital access to your practice
  • Education, guidance and support for your clients, on your behalf, when you are unavailable
  • Superior customer care

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New Client Referrals

More than 50% of Ask.Vet customers do not currently have a veterinarian, and request a referral to a practice near them.

Ask.Vet provides qualified leads, pre-screened by a licensed Ask.Vet veterinarian to our veterinarian practice partners.

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From Cal and Dr. Ed

Whether you want to provide your clients access to a veterinarian anytime or drive greater billings and profits, we have an affordable solution for you. Fill out the form above for a quick discussion of how we can help grow your business.

Cal Lai

Founder and CEO

Ask.Vet provides text-based veterinary support to your busy practice in a convenient, confidential manner. Client satisfaction is our goal.

Dr. Ed Blach

Chief Veterinary Officer